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Getting to Braga

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About Braga, Portugal

Braga, capital of the Minho province, is an ancient city in the heart of the green and fertile region known as the Costa Verde. The region is known for its attractiveness in terms of climate, gastronomy, prices, and culture. Braga is known for its baroque churches and splendid 18th century houses. The old city is solemn and antique, but animated with commercial activity and academic life.

Should you consider coming to Braga to see and enjoy all its beauty and wonderful treats, the following movies will give you an idea of what is waiting for your visit. An excellent resource about Braga is the city's Use-It map.

Braga is the capital of the Minho region. The Braga area is often referred to as the "Portuguese silicon valley". This is due to the increasing transformation of an agriculture and trade based economy into an IT-service based economy originating from the many successful start-ups which have emerged from the University of Minho.